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Tinfoil Hat Dating is your perfect match when ...

... you feel like you live in a world you don't fit into, then you've landed on the right platform. Tinfoil Hat Dating is for people who are critical of the system and are looking for contact with open-minded people. This is where people meet who think outside the box and often have difficulty finding new contacts on conventional platforms.


Do your family and friends exclude you? Use our regional and international friend search to network with like-minded people.


Difficulties finding a partner? Here you will find people who have the same interests, values and ideas of freedom as you!


Emigrate for a freer life of self-determination and lower taxes? Here you will find information and help for your project.


Awakened people, want to work with open-minded people. On our job board, employers with values and morals, meet employees with awareness.

Why Tinfoil Hat Dating?

Tinfoil Hat Dating suits you if ...

... you value intelligent conversations with open-minded people

... you have had the experience of not finding a suitable partner on "conventional" dating platforms

... you have the feeling that you want to make new friends

... you are playing with the idea of emigrating

... you are dissatisfied with your current job and are looking for new employment

... you are an employer and you are looking for new employees who share your world view

Find a partner for emigration

Looking for a new start in a different place? The decision to emigrate from your home country can be one of the biggest and most challenging decisions in life. The reasons for this can be manifold, be it due to the difficult political situation, the high crime rate, the rising cost of living or high taxes.

Tinfoil Hat Dating was created precisely for these people – a website that allows you to network with like-minded people who have similar plans and thoughts. Here you can share your thoughts, fears and experiences with others who are also emigrating or have already emigrated.

The platform offers a variety of opportunities to network and exchange information. Questions can be asked in forums, or you can contact other members directly to share personal experiences. In addition, Tinfoil Hat Dating also offers a variety of articles about different emigration destinations, so that the interested one can get a better overview of the political situation in other countries.

Whether you want to emigrate alone or join a group to take the plunge together, Tinfoil Hat Dating offers you the opportunity to meet people who share your goals and ambitions. Start your journey today and connect with other expats on Tinfoil Hat Dating.

What to consider when emigrating

Emigrating to a new country involves numerous challenges and difficulties that need to be overcome. From adapting to a new culture to overcoming bureaucratic hurdles – the list of potential obstacles is long.

The cost of living is a decisive factor in the decision to emigrate. Prices for accommodation, food and services can vary considerably depending on the destination country and must be carefully considered to ensure financial stability.

Taxes are another important topic to consider when planning your emigration. Tax laws and systems can vary greatly from country to country and it is important to find out about the tax obligations in the destination country to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The political system of a country can also play a role, especially when it comes to personal freedoms and civil rights. Political stability and the quality of governance can have a significant impact on the quality of life and should be taken into account when deciding to emigrate.


Some people are also considering the phenomenon of chemtrails and geoengineering, as this can pose a serious threat to them. Concern about environmental pollution and its potential impact on health can be an important aspect when choosing a destination country.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods are other factors that should be taken into account when planning your emigration. The location of the destination country and its exposure to such natural events can increase the risk for the inhabitants and must therefore be carefully considered.

Finding a job in the destination country can also be a major challenge, especially if you do not speak the local language or do not have any specific qualifications. It is important to have realistic expectations and to be prepared for a possible period of unemployment.

Acquiring real estate and land in the destination country can also be complicated, as local laws and regulations can vary and the process of finding and transacting real estate is often time-consuming and cumbersome.

Overall, emigration requires careful planning, research and preparation in order to overcome the potential challenges and make a successful new start abroad.

Mission Statement

Aluhutdating versteht sich als reine Kommunikationsplattform für Menschen, die von der “toleranten” Mehrheitsgesellschaft ausgestoßen wurden/werden und auf der Suche nach Gleichgesinnten sind. Aluhutdating als Plattform, sowie das Team von Aluhutdating verfolgen keine politischen Interessen, noch tendieren sie in irgendeine politische Richtung!

Das Team von Aluhutdating fühlt sich keiner Partei, keiner Religion, keiner Sekte oder sektenähnlicher Struktur und auch keiner Bewegung zugehörig. Dies betrifft insbesondere: Rechte-, linke-oder konservative Parteien oder Bewegungen, Querdenken-Bewegung, Impfgegner, Impfverweigerer, Reichsbürger, QANON, Trump-Anhänger, Putin-Anhänger usw.

Politische Diskussion finden in den öffentlich zugänglichen Foren und Gruppen auf Aluhutdating nicht statt und werden vom Team aktiv unterbunden und gelöscht.

Mission Statement

Tinfoil Hat Dating (Aluhutdating) sees itself as a pure communication platform for people who have been/are being rejected by the “tolerant” majority society and are looking for like-minded people. Tinfoil Hat Dating as a platform, as well as the team of Tinfoil Hat Dating do not pursue political interests, nor do they tend in any political direction!

The team of Tinfoil Hat Dating does not feel affiliated to any party, religion, sect or sect-like structure and also no movement. This concerns in particular: Right-wing, left-wing or conservative parties or movements, lateral thinking movement, anti-vaccination, QANON, Trump supporters, Putin supporters, etc.

Political discussion does not take place in the publicly accessible forums and groups on Tinfoil Hat Dating and is actively prevented and deleted by the team.